Medication Reviews

What is a medication review?

A medication review is a publicly-funded service provided by your pharmacist to assess your current conditions and related medications. The pharmacist will usually gather important information from you; for example, allergies, conditions, medications, as well as OTC and natural health products that you may be taking. Your pharmacist will assess 4 key areas: Necessary, Effectiveness, Safety and Adherence in order to identify possible drug therapy problems (DTPs). If DTPs are identified, your pharmacist will work with you and the prescriber to resolve any issues; ultimately, to improve your health outcomes.

Your pharmacist will answer any questions that have regarding your current medications and regimens, as well provide you with a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). The BPMH will indicate why you are taking your medications, how to take them, and any special instructions that you should keep in mind. This form can serve as a as a reminder to take your medications. You can also bring it while travelling (in case of health emergences) or share it with your family, general practitioner and other health care professionals.

Who is a good candidate for a medication review?

If you have been prescribed at least five medications in the last six months and you are a BC resident with a valid BC Services Card, you may benefit from Medication Review Services.  The aim of the service is to help British Columbians better understand their medications. When you understand your medications – from why you are taking them, when to take them, and how best to take them – you make informed decisions and have greater ownership of your overall health.

Medication Reviews