The project goal is to establish positive relationships between MJ’s and its neighbours through donations of useful non-pharmaceutical consumer products while reducing our waste and carbon footprint. We, MJ’s Natural Pharmacy, are solely responsible for gathering materials, assembling gifts, finding suitable recipients and delivery. Supported by a small team of employees who were willing to volunteer for this program, we sorted through inventory to gather gift materials such as empty notebooks, clear plastic pockets and branded corporate labels in our storage. The found materials were then turned into branded wellness passports. This notebook is a size of a passport, which is convenient for users to bring it with them wherever they go and record any information such as medical observation and personal information in case they forget.

Up to now, we have donated more than 1400 notebooks to seniors, families and other needed groups at various locations. The positive impact of the project was two-fold. While the local communities benefited from the function of the useful gifts, the environmental burden was alleviated through our action of diverting 50 kg of waste from the landfill.

Donation to Cavell Gardens

Left: Joshua Cheung(MJ’s Pharmacist) and the representative from the seniors’ home

Right: Sabrina K. Tse (Sustainable Project Manager) and the representative from the seniors’ home

Donation to S.U.C.C.E.S.S Senior Group and the Fair Haven United Church Homes

Left: Joshua and Sabrina presenting the donation to Kelly Ip (the president of S.U.C.C.E.S.S Senior Group)

Right: Nettie Cheung (MJ’s Store Manager) and Sabrina presenting the donation to the representative of Fair Haven United Church Homes