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Santevia Enhanced Water System with PH Control

Santevia  Gravity Water System

The Santevia™ Water System revolutionizes tap water, creating clean, mineralized, alkaline water that is healthy for you and more cost effective than bottled water. Choose the eco-friendly Santevia™ model that works best in your home or office, the Countertop Model or the Dispenser Model. Both gravity powered Santevia™ systems feature a multi stage filtration and re-mineralization process which cleans, mineralizes and invigorates your water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline. The Santevia™ dispenser model adapts to most commercial hot and cold dispensers. Just think – no more heavy lifting of water! The simple design of the Santevia™ Water System makes it ideal for home, condo, cottage, or office. Get healthy, save money, protect the environment, and enjoy fabulous tasting water with the Santevia™ Water System. Healthier Humans - One Drop at a Time!


Santevia™ Eight Stage Water Process

Stage 1 – Ceramic Pre-Filter
  • Pore size is 0.3 of a micron.
  • Removes rust and sediments.
  • Inhibits bacteria, germs, and parasites.
  • Double sided, low profile design.
Stage 2 – Activated Carbon & Charcoal
  • Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), organic chemicals, odour, colour and particulates.
  • 3 different sizes of carbon & charcoal used to increase effectiveness.
  • Contains Nano Silver which inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter.
Stage 3 – Silica Sand
  • Neutralizes acidic components creating optimal pH balance.
Stage 4 – Zeolite Granules
  • Inhibits bacteria.
  • Removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
  • Removes detergents, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.
Stage 5 – Mineral Infusion
  • Ionized minerals help oxygenate and fortify the water.
  • The highly porous mineral stones aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline.
Stage 6 – Bio Ceramic
  • Breaks water molecules into very minute fractions to greatly improve absorption and increase the oxygen content of the water.
Stage 7 – Mineral Stone Post Filter
  • The mineral stones contain calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc and other trace minerals.
  • Continually releases easily absorbed ionized minerals.
  • The mineral stones will last up to 5 years gradually diminishing in size.
  • World Health Organization recommends drinking water with calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium and zinc. Santevia™ water contains all of these minerals.
Stage 8 – Magnetic Tap / Float Valve
Countertop Model - magnetic tap
  • Aligned magnets activate the water molecules.
  • Reorganizes the large molecule clusters into simpler structures for easy absorption.
Dispenser Model - float valve
  • Float valve closes the storage tank in the dispenser base unit, preventing overflowing.
  • Heatproof material for those dispenser bases that provide both hot and cold water.
  • Stabilizing guide (optional) assists in the adaptation to most water dispenser units.
8 stage filtration

Filter Life

Ceramic Pre-Filter lasts 1 year with normal use.
5 Stage Ultrasonic Filter lasts 4 - 6 months.
Mineral Stone Post Filter lasts up to 5 years.

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The Santevia™ systems must be used with biologically safe water.


Santevia™ Water System Testimonials

I love the Santevia™ Water System. I am 27 years old and have suffered from Gout for about 5 years now. Just over a year ago, I found Santevia™ Water System at a local health store near my house. I tried my first sip of Santevia™ water and I was hooked. The taste was so much better than the 5 gallon jugs and cooler system that I had been using for years. I really liked that it was alkalized water, as this is supposed to help people that suffer from Gout. And guess what? It did help me, a lot. I had been able to feel the gout in my foot pretty much daily for a couple of years and about a month or so after using the Santevia™ Water System, the pain was gone. And on top of that, I have not had a Gout outbreak/flare up since I have started drinking the Santevia™ water. I bring a huge jug of it to work with me everyday and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

Tyler - Richmond, BC

I have been using Santevia™ Water System for over two years and have been very happy with the results. Before I used to buy bottled water but was concerned with the plastic bottles and chemicals released from their breakdown. The water from Santevia™ Water System tastes excellent, is refreshing, and nutritious.

Gary - Calgary, AB

We bought our Santevia™ Water System in October 2009. We are a family of 8 and this has saved us hundreds of dollars. We previously used the big bottles of water and would go through about 8-10 of them a month at $8.00 a bottle. That adds up. I also found that it would taste like plastic from being stored so long in the bottles. Yuck. I will not drink water if it does not taste like water. When I got to taste the Santevia™ water that was sampled at our local health food store - I was like yes I want one of those. I love the Santevia™ water. I am back drinking my 8 plus cups of water a day. My kids also love their Santevia™ water. This has saved us time, money and taste. I also like the idea that it puts back some of the minerals that our bodies require.

Michelle - Mt. Currie, BC

The Santevia™ for me has struck the perfect balance between the two ends of the drinking water spectrum - tap water and bottled water. I am now able to drink high quality, pH regulated water wherever I go, whilst keeping my costs down and doing my bit for the environment. With the margins between victory and defeat so small, taking care of aspects such as alkalinity of water I drink could well be the difference between first and second place.

Andrew Steele, Olympic athlete - U.K.

I have had my Santevia™ for 3 weeks and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! The water tastes great. It is easy to maintain. I love that it is gravity fed and therefore takes no power. I love that it does not have to be hooked up to a tap - my kitchen is tiny and I have limited counter space, so I can keep it elsewhere. But best of all, my body is more alkaline with no effort. The health issues associated with being acidic are huge. I am looking forward to an improved bone density reading on my next test! Thank you for providing excellent customer service, as well. I called with a technical question, and was answered quickly and thoroughly. All that and affordable, too!!!

Deb – Didsbury, AB

Thank you for this complete answer to my questions! I have further researched Vancouver water from the City site and I was unaware but it is actually NOT fluoridated and has less than 0.05mg/L of natural fluoride. It is low in dissolved minerals (making it less than 7.0 pH), so it's beninficial that your system adds that component. The lead is low (aside from the household plumbing factor prior to 1989) and by letting the tap water run for 15 -30 sec the copper would be reduced. There are no communities, agriculture or industry within the watershed areas thus eliminating the possibility of water contamination from those activities. The average trihalomethanes was 54.0 ppb which is below the standard of 100 ppb. You probably already knew all that but in case you would like for reference: Drinking Water Quality 2008 Annual Report City of Vancouver. So, then in a nutshell I finally feel completely comfortable recommending and supporting the Santevia™ system and will be ordering for myself, my family and my office! Thank you for your patience and information.

Dr. Donna L. – Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the reminder to buy our new filter. We just bought one from the health store where we bought our unit. We tell our friends that the money we spent on our Santevia™ is the "best health investment" we've ever made. We love our water purifier and the fact that it also alkalizes as well is an awesome bonus. The fact that you are in Canada is the cherry on the top. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Many blessings.

Yvette & Wayne - Fort Erie, ON

My sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2006 and sent home as terminal and was not suppose to make Christmas. Well, through products such as yours, she is alive today and she has your system running. In your ads you should include Dr. Otto Warburg who found that cancer cannot survive in a body that is not oxygenated and alkaline. That would be a perfect solution for those who are battling cancer – especially on their own. Regards and thanks.

Lynda - email

On June 17, I was diagnosed with cancer. I then decided to take on the disease naturally. I was a regular shopper at my local organic store. I changed my whole diet to organic and decided that it was time to change my water as well. Now I already had a water cooler but not a filter that makes your water alkaline, meanwhile eliminating chlorine. Here is the clincher, cancer thrives in an acidic body, not an alkaline one. The Santevia™ water is alkaline. I thought this is just what I need. I had surgery. But 2 weeks after my doctor called me back with the pathology reports telling me that the results were negative and also that when they examined the cervix that there was no cancer present and all that was left was the pre-cancer. The cancer is gone but it only took me 1 month to rid the cancer on my own. I know that your water system had a lot to do with my healing. I have already recommended this filter system to 2 friends who have also purchased it. I am so grateful to you for this product. I truly believe in this system and will continue to recommend it to others. Sincere thanks.

Heather B. - email

I am very happy with my Santevia™ Water System, we have had it for 8 months now and we have never felt better!

Rob - Surrey, BC

Thank you for the Santevia™ Water System. I don't know what we would do without it. My roommates love it. It is incredible to see how much it filters out after boiling the water.

Natasha, Missionary - Rwanda, Africa

The water coming out my tap is loaded with chlorine, sediment and heavy metals and so I didn't drink it and bought bottled water instead. To give you an idea of how much bottled water I went through just for drinking: 24 bottles per week, 52 weeks per year: 24 x 52 = 1248 bottles per year. And even though I recycled I still felt there must be a better way to have healthy drinking water in my home. So being concerned about my personal health, but also the health of our environment, I searched for an affordable option to buying bottled water and in my research stumbled across the Santevia™ system. But after using other types of filters I was skeptical. So I had the alkaline level tested of my regular tap water, before and after it was filtered. The results... The Santevia™ water filter changed my tap water from being an unhealthy, acidic 6.5 to a healthy, alkaline of 8.0 and it tastes clean with no bad odor or taste. I now find myself recommending Santevia™ to my friends and family and want to thank you for making this product.

Yves - Vancouver, BC

I'm really enjoying this water filtration system. The water tastes great. I've been looking into different water system for a year or two now and was glad to find this one for a couple of reasons. Its filtration system is better than a few competitors that I have been looking at and I can buy it in Canada.

Mike - Winnipeg, MB

I purchased your water system because I was looking for a way to get filtered water that was alkaline. Because we use well water, I was buying reverse osmosis water, but found it to be VERY acidic!! My body was very acidic, and this water was adding to this problem. Since disease thrives in an acidic environment, I was intent on changing my body's pH. Since using the water system for only a few weeks, my body's pH matches that of the Santevia™ water. Thank-you! I took my Santevia™ with us on a camping trip. The water at the campground is safe for drinking, but is very orange in color and has a bad taste. In past years we had to drive to a nearby town to purchase good drinking water. This summer we had more time to relax because the Santevia™ filter gave us all the good tasting, clear drinking water we needed. Thank-you for offering this excellent product.

Sandra - Swan River, MB

We truly are impressed with our Santevia™ filtration system and think that your product is an extremely economical way of providing a healthier water solution. The filtered water is fantastic. We've been very impressed with your company. When we first opened up the box and were initially assembling the unit we discovered that the pin in the water tap was not fixed properly and had fallen out. We called your office and they shipped out a new tap right away. Our other order of replacement filters arrived in a timely fashion as well. If what we have said will help someone make the decision to purchase a Santevia™ for themselves, then we'll have participated in a small way in bettering their health as well. Thank you for aiding us in bettering our health.

Chris - Lethbridge, AB

I got the new pre-filter. What a difference! That was definitely the problem. Thank you so much for standing behind your product and helping me figure it all out. We love the system, the water is great and lots of people are intrigued by the Santavia™ when they see it on the little stand that I have near my front door. Thank you, again!

Sandi - Qualicum Beach, BC

After trying numerous water filtration systems, we purchased the Santevia™ system in March 2008. We are very happy with the system and find that the water is the best tasting of any system that we have tried. It is easy to use and easy to maintain. We have been very pleased with the system and recommend it to friends and family.

Dr. Steve and Dianne - Victoria, BC

I am delighted to express my complete satisfaction with the Santevia™ Water System. I have had it for four months and am actually enjoying drinking water again! I am no longer dealing with clumsy bottles, storage problems, and am saving up to $88/month. I also find it very easy to maintain. I have appreciated your kind and prompt support in answering my initial questions ~ it's so refreshing to speak to a person and not a machine! Thank you so much.

Deborah - Victoria, BC

I got my Santevia™ on Saturday. I can't believe how good it tastes. I bought for the health benefits and the water flavour is a nice added bonus. It tastes like a fresh clean stream. I did the taste test challenge on [my husband] Devin. It was between our old bottled water, tap water and Santevia™, and of course the Santevia™ won.

Michele, RMT - Vancouver Island, BC

I purchased the Santevia™ Water System about a week ago and I am so happy with the system and the quality of the water. I purchased it from the Country Health Store in Lynn Valley Mall because they have had one set up for awhile and I kept going back and tasting the water and it was so pure. I am using the Santevia™ filtered water for making tea, coffee, boiling or steaming vegetables and the taste is so natural now, no chemical tastes. I have been buying bottled water for a few years as I don't like the taste of our water and I felt so guilty about all the plastic being tossed so after many trips back to Country Health I made my purchase. My son loves the taste of the water and after reading the material on all the health benefits he wants one for his family. Thank you for such a great product.

Lynne - North Vancouver, BC

I was just introduced to the Santevia™ Enhanced Water System recently and purchased a unit in June. Having been in the healthy eating and supplementation regime since the early '70's from living in Vancouver, B.C., it has been of interest with the plastic container issues and water filtration systems of late. Having tried various bottled water systems and a household filtration unit and trying to find something to get away from acidic water here in B.C., I was delighted to hear of the Santevia™ through a major outlet here on Vancouver Island. The big PLUS was the reasonable cost and the pH alkaline water to be had from this unit. I absolutely love it and know that I am getting "alive" healthy water for myself and my family. It is easy to maintain and is pleasing to the eye. The video presentation on line is wonderful and so useful. Thank you for bringing this system into Canada.

Willene - Nanaimo, BC

The Santevia™ Water System - we love it and our customers are really pleased with it too. It is a cost effective way to alkaline your water. The product sells itself.

Cindy - Manager, Wellspring Health Store, Delta, BC